Our Property Management System is now available!

 What you can do with MbcsCentral:
  • Install it on your local server and run it from any network attached workstation.
  • Use different database configurations:
    • Store your data in a Cloud Database utilizing Microsoft's highly secure and robust Azure™ Platform
    • Store your data on your office network.
    • Store your data both in the Cloud and locally with automatic replication between the two.
      Your local database and the Cloud Database will update each other so no matter which one is used the other will be current.
  • Utilize up-to-date Database server technology: Microsoft SQL Server.
    The Express Edition (which is free) can be installed on your local file server.
    A Cloud Database can be added to a local only install.
  • Take advantage of fine-grained user permissions to each function of each application.
  • Current clients will be able to easily import their current databases to SQL Server.
  • Integrates with the WinDOC Document Mangement system.
 Security is tight and, on Azure databases, each client's data will be stored in its own database and be entirely separate from and not accessible to any other client.

 MbcsCentral includes all of our current Property Management offerings. It is designed to grow along with new requirements.

 The MbcsCentral WinPM and WinGL are available NOW.